Excerpts from Articles re Pennie Brantley's Work:

“(Brantley’s paintings present)...a reality that feels intensely historic, tactile and surprisingly psychological.” ­­

--David Raymond, ART New England   

“…on the verge of overdue national and international recognition…Brantley’s painting …hovers between the utterly real and the perfectly magical.” 

--Christopher Millis, The Boston Phoenix  

“The most monumental works featured in “Still”, both in terms of size and subject matter, are those of Pennie Brantley. Her oils are woven into the exhibit as examples of a “poetic pause”, evoking a state of calm. …the resulting resonance will take your breath away…Brantley manages to shock and amaze while setting the heart at ease…communicates strength and perseverance…” 

--Mark Valentine, South End News, Boston   

“…a mythic quality, as if (Brantley) is beckoning us from the light into the darkness of our psyches.” --Cate McQuaid, Boston Globe   

“…Brantley’s incredible…painting…emotes a startlingly engulfing protection. Brantley is one of nine artists whose works compile the “Incidental Grandeur” exhibition, one of the most explosive groups of art now on display.” 

--Elyssa Yoon-Jung Lee, South End News   

“Among the exhibit’s most compelling painters…Brantley…marries a powerful technique…to an intensely personal, highly developed vision of the nature of our constructed world. …sharply hopeful…dramatic tension…sense of movement while all is still, a sense of the infinite within a confined space. Brantley’s images succeed at being hopeful without being even remotely tender. Had Flannery O’Connor been a painter, one suspects she would have created work of such precision and magnitude.” 

--Christopher Millis, artsMEDIA