Artist statement

While my paintings express awe of amazing structural accomplishments of mankind everywhere  through the centuries, metaphorically they represent one’s journey through life.   Over the years, my work has moved through a chronology of imagery and coloration that reflected my psychological and emotional circumstances.  But my greatest hope for them is that they leap from the purely personal to the universal.  

Ambiguities and allusions of depth offer paths to individual and varied interpretations, as do all the common experiences we have as humans, no matter where we happen to be born.  I’m keenly aware of the passage of the lives that have inhabited our small earth and respect what their vision and labor have left for us.  

Though the paintings are sometimes stark, perhaps a little ominous, as can be life’s experiences, they are always bathed with a redeeming light that symbolizes hope and ultimate triumph.  They offer solace by the steadfastness asserted in their monumentality as testament to life’s resilience.